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Tromso (Norway) - New Year 2010 - Photos from a few days on the edge of the Arctic with Julie, Ryan and Lynn for Julie's big Birthday.
Oman - Brown Dhow Nov 2009 - Photos from a weeks liveaboard on Brown Dhow in Oman with Angus around the Musadam Penisular.
M/Y Blue Horizon (Red Sea) Apr 2009 - Photos from a weeks liveaboard on Daedalus and St. Johns itinerary in Egypt with Angus. Ooooeeer it was a bit sharky....

(Click here for Ryan's enhancement of the hammerhead...)

Malta Oct 2008 - Photos from 2 weeks diving in Malta, Gozo and Camino in Oct 2008. Nice deep clear water with reefs, caves and rusty metal....
M/Y Frazer (Red Sea) Jun 2008 - Photos from a liveaboard diving trip on M/Y Frazer, South and St. Johns with Ryan, Angus and Andy. Fantastic week of diving...a bit lumpy but a great trip with loads of cool stuff....
M/Y Tranquility (Red Sea) Dec 2007 - Photos from a liveaboard diving trip on M/Y Tranquility, Classic Cruise, with Angus over Christmas. Fantastic week of diving with Gabby and Maria guiding... Dolphin on boxing day was the highlight but the number of best pictures proves there were many!
M/Y Blue Horizon (Red Sea) Nov 2007 - Photos from a liveaboard diving trip on M/Y Blue Horizon, Northern wrecks and Reefs, with Howard and James. Great week away on the Blue O2 boat (have to say that or Signe will get Mark to beat me up in Dec). I even managed to snap a warty frog fish no less!
Island Cress (Croatia) October 2007 - Photos from a diving trip to Island Cress in Croatia in September/October 2007, with a collection of work colleagues and some friends from other diving trips. Trip also features one of the best night dives I have ever done.
El Quseir June 2007 - A collection of photos from diving trip to El Quseir near Marsa Alam in Egypt with Dive Wimbledon. Great diving and a good crack, featuring Kamran's Open Water course and deep diving with Paris Hilton no less!
Zabargad February 2007 - A collection of photos from solo diving trip to Zabargad and Fury Shoal in the Red Sea, Egypt.
Grenada December 2006 - A collection of photos from my Christmas diving trip to Grenada in the Carribean, staying at the True Blue Hotel and diving with Aquanauts.
Shagra October 2006 - A collection of photos from a diving trip to Marsa Shagra, south of Marsa Alam in Southern Egypt.
Ms Nouran May 2006 - Photos from a diving liveaboard holiday around the wrecks and reefs of Red Sea between Hurghada and Sharm.
Nuweiba February 2006 - Photos from diving holiday to Nuweiba in Northern Egypt.
Marsa Nakari September 2005 - Photos from a diving holiday to Marsa Nakari, south of Marsa Alam in Southern Egypt.


Turtle Feeding on soft coral - Shot on the Kingston Wreck in Dec 2007.
Dugong Swimming and Feeding - Shot in Marsa Abu Dabab in June 2007.
Paris Hilton taking the plunge - House Reef Entry at Akassia Resort June 2007.
Shaab Marsa Alam RIB Entry - Group negative entry from a RIB June 2007.
Turtle on Zabargad Reef - A nice little film of a turtle on Zabargad Reef on Feb 27th 2007.
Blue Spotted Ray - A blue spotted stingray Feb 2007.
House Reef entry! - The Dutch navy shows us how to start a house reef dive Feb 2007.
Drift Dive - A Drift Dive on Shark Reef in Grenada Dec 2006.
Stingray - A Southern Stingray on a safety stop in Grenada 2006.
Oceanic White Tip Shark - A Video of an Oceanic White Tip taking a look at Ryan 2006.
Jet Boating - A Jet Boat on the Dart River in New Zealand 2002.